Making 2018 Awesome: A (pitch-free) Planning Workshop!

Nope, we're not selling anything!

Making 2018 Awesome: A (pitch-free) Planning Workshop!

Learn how to plan for 2018 in a way that's fun, easy, and effective. Plus, you'll get our secrets for looking back + looking ahead to the coming year! 

Tiffany Han - Raise Your Hand, Say Yes podcast

Sarah Von Bargen - Yes & Yes blog

Planning for the coming year doesn't have to dry, boring, or intimidating! 

You'll learn:

  • Our 3-part process for evaluating the past + how to apply that to the new year
  • How to stick with your plans and create habits that support your creative vision
  • What worked for us (and what didn't!) in 2017...and what we're focusing on next
  • Plus a beautiful 15-page workbook

This webinar is your chance to peek behind the curtain of two super-successful-on-paper businesses and get the real story. Cuz you know it's not all donuts and high fives! 😉 🍩

It's time to raise your hand and say "Yes and yes!" to making 2018 as awesome as possible!  

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If you want to make 2018 better than 2017, then this workshop is for you. Get started now.