2-hour workshop

How To Figure Out What Makes You Happy And Then Actually Do It

Remember who you are + what makes YOU happy (not what makes your parents, partner, or friends happy). Then learn super applicable methods for finding the time, energy, and accountability to actually do the stuff that lights you up.

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What happens when you know what makes you happy:

More energy for everything

When you fill your cup, you've got more energy for everything else - your job, your family, stuff you've been meaning to do for ages

Fewer regrettable purchases

When we regularly do things that make us happy, we're less likely to self-sooth with mindless shopping

More at peace with who we are

Knowing what makes us happy is a HUGE piece of the self-knowledge puzzle

Less martyr-y resentment

When we actually DO the stuff that makes us happy, we're less likely to feel resentment towards our partners, kids, or co-workers

What's included?

I wanted to create an offering that's more accessible + consumable than my usual 4-week courses!
So I'm sharing my most impactful, most immediately implementable tips + tools in this LIVE 2-hour workshop.


+ Q & A







11 exercises to help you gain insight into what makes you happy

We're going to approach the happiness puzzle from lots of different directions to help you shake loose answers that work for you, your personality, and the reality of your daily life.

Exercises include:

  • Discovering where + when you've accidentally pursued other people's versions of happiness
  • Unearthing why you don't know what makes you happy these days
  • Getting back in touch with childhood joys

My 4-step method that'll help you actually DO what makes you happy

Do you ever get too busy to do the stuff that makes you happy? Or prioritize something that's "more important"? TRICK QUESTION OF COURSE YOU HAVE WE'VE ALL DONE IT.

You'll learn:

  • Why waiting for happy-making things to spontaneously happen doesn't work
  • The neuroscience behind planning for happiness
  • How to create outer accountability to "force" yourself to do those happy-making things!

Tips to overcome all your brain's excuses

Our brains are excuse machines. Most of our sweet brains are afraid to try new things or do things that others might deem "selfish" - like pursuing our own happiness.

Excuses we'll help you overcome:

  • "Planning for happiness just feels like adding another item to my to-do list."
  • "I don't have the time or energy to do the stuff that makes me happy."
  • "I feel like everything else in my life is more important that my own happiness."

Q & A + email support

The content of the workshop runs for about 75 minutes - the rest of the time together is devoted to questions! You'll also have access to my inbox for a week so you can ask me any follow up questions or share your successes!

What else?

  • My inbox is open to you for 7 days for any questions you have!
  • Get access to discounted 1:1 coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different than your free workbook?

I've dramatically expanded on the content in the free workbook and added tons of content about how to ACTUALLY DO the stuff that makes us happy once we've figured out what it is.

That's where lots of us get hung up! We get "too busy" or something "more important" comes up and then all of a sudden it's been three weeks since we've done anything for ourselves. I teach a series of logistical and psychological tools to help you take action on what you've learned.

Add more happiness!

Remember who you are, what lights you up, and then actually start doing it.