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Learn how to stop doing self-defeating, self-sabotaging ish + start taking steps towards your goals. Get comfortable with discomfort and go after what you want! 

With Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes

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Let’s talk about how to end self-sabotaging behavior, start taking steps towards our goals, and get brave about getting uncomfortable!  

Got a big, exciting goal that you’re working towards, but six-week courses overwhelm you and self-paced programs bore you? YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. 

Let’s get it done in two hours – LIVE – with time for Q&As, worksheets, and tons of great tips you can start using the minute we’re done. 


8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT


How it works:

As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive two things:  

  • Access to the space where our workshop will happen on July 29th
  • Your copy of the Get What You Want Workbook. If you want to read ahead, that’s fine! Or wait to work through it with me during the workshop - also fine!  
  • The day of the workshop, I’ll send you a reminder email in the morning + another reminder 10 minutes before we get started.  
  • You show up live and chat with me for two hours about how to get what you want! And then you go forth and prosper! 

Lots of people talk theory, but this lays it out step-by-step. It's so simple that once you actually hone in on what you want, there's no way you can fail. – Caryn G. 

The tangible results of The Get What You Want Workshop can be measured in things like money saved, miles run, job offers accepted.  

But the benefits go waaaaay beyond that:  

  • Change the way you think about your behavior + choices
  • Figure out what you want + stop chasing goals that won’t make you happy
  • Squeeze more joy out of every day
  • Gain confidence in going after a new job, asking out that cutie, training for that marathon
  • Stop being afraid of being uncomfortable
  • Finally move towards what you want instead of just talking about it + spinning your wheels 

This helped me get really serious about the actions I needed to take to reach my goal. Like, stuff I have now put on my calendar. – Stephanie S.

By directly tieing your long term goals (and best self scenario) to daily tasks (the ones we all avoid) Sarah teaches the power of being uncomfortable as a stepping stone to who/what/where we want to be.  

Instead of making this scary, Sarah teaches that even the small uncomfortable things matter - such a following up on an email, researching a higher interest savings account, or finally making a dentist appointment.  

The brilliant thing is that.. even if the uncomfortable outreach to the dream client doesn't sort, Sarah walks us through, how each time we do the uncomfortable thing, we are building the resilience and happiness muscle. - Colleen M. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need more support or want help with these things after the workshop?  

Awesome! You can read all the blog posts I’ve written about goal-setting + habits. You could take Make It Stick Habit School or you could hire me to coach you through these things 1-on-1! If you’re curious what that looks like, drop me a line at and let’s see if we’re a good match.  

What do I get with The Get What You Want Workshop?  

You get:

  • The live video workshop
  • unlimited replays
  • an audio version of the workshop so you listen during your workout, commute, cleaning spree
  • 35-page Get What You Want interactive workbook with tips, worksheets, and journaling prompts

After talking with Sarah about how getting uncomfortable can really benefit my life/business, I put it into practice. A few months back, I wasn't going to send out another email newsletter to clients because we all hate spam and do they really need to hear from me every single month? And I didn't really have anything new to offer anyway... but I thought of my conversation with Sarah and decided to make it casual and just remind them that I'm here, and I'm booking clients and I would just see what happened. The day the email went out I booked three jobs from folks who had gotten the note! Since then, I always take a breath and just go for it, and I'm always glad I did it. Sarah is so fantastic with her great ideas and her motivation — take any and all courses this woman has to offer.Leslie Plesser