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goal-getting made fun

Get What You Want Club is a 4-week program that will help you pursue goals in a way that feels GOOD + gives you the support and accountability to actually achieve them 💪🙌🏆

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4 weeks of learning, support, and accountability

Week 1

Figure out what you truly want

This is where most people struggle, because they think they should want what everybody else wants. Hard nope! You'll unearth what you actually want, so you can create a plan to get it.

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Week 2

Name your goal +
make it doable

The most fun week! Once you know what you really want, your goal-setting becomes a ton easier and doesn't feel quite as overwhelming. You'll also learn how to ask for help!

Week 3

End self-sabotage

You know how you always get derailed when you start making true progress? There’s science behind that! We’ll uncover why you’re sabotaging yourself + how to recognize it so you can achieve your BIG goal.

Week 4

Get out of your comfort zone to achieve your goal

Once you get the sabotage road-blocks out of the way, the highway to goal-achieving is open but winding. We’ll navigate it by practicing getting out of our comfort zones - together.

Have you ever wondered ...

  • “How do people find the time and energy to do all of these impressive things? I’m so overwhelmed!”
  • “I don’t think I’m doing this right. What’s the point if I’m just going to screw it up?”
  • “Why can’t I stop doing all this  dumb stuff? I have no self-control!"
  • “I suck at this. Other people are good at this, but I can’t stick with anything.”

Right now, you feel stuck and uncertain and maybe even a bit what’s-the-point-y?

You’re smart + self-aware, but you know you’re doing things that are getting in the way of what you say you want.

You see an ad for a big sale at Target and half an hour later you’ve spent $160 on shit you don’t need, and there goes your debt-repayment plan.

Two days into your third attempt at giving up caffeine, you've got an extra large latte from Starbucks in your hand because you smelled that dark roast from 15 feet away.

You meant to  work on your novel, but
you see a preview for a new Netflix show and - whoops! - there goes three hours of your evening.

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Get out of your own way + start getting what you want

Picture this:

  • You hear your friend crack open a beer on the patio and it doesn’t even phase you, because you’re totally committed to your goal of drinking less. 
  • You see a text from your charming-but-toxic ex and you block their number because your goal of Meeting Someone doesn’t include Bad Idea Booty Calls.
  • You feel nervous about submitting that job application but you do it anyway - and feel amazing as soon as you click ‘send.’

You can look back on the choices you’ve made and glow with pride that you’re making progress towards what you want. Even if it’s occasionally scary or uncomfortable, you’re 👏 doing 👏 the 👏 dang 👏 thing.

I can teach you how to do this because
I’ve been there.

After reading every self-help book and productivity article under the sun, I realized that ‘the usual’ approach to goal-setting wasn’t working for me. “Break your goal into small steps” just isn’t  enough.

When I changed my approach to goal-setting, my life blossomed:

  • I got accepted into graduate school + moved to New Zealand
  • I started to make enough from my blog to quit my teaching job
  • I met my husband + got married at age 36
  • I saved up a 20% down payment and bought a historic duplex in a lovely neighborhood

    .... all without working myself to the bone, sacrificing self-care, or getting bogged down in self-doubt.

Get What You Want Club is for you if you want to:

  • Work alongside an encouraging community of people determined to defeat self-sabotaging behavior
  • Create a roadmap that you'll stick to because it's backed by science
  • A toolbox full of skills that help you defeat self-sabotage every time it comes up
  • Practice real strategies and scripts to ask for what you want
  • Look temptation and self-sabotage in the face and yell “Not today, Satan!” 🙅‍♀️😈
  • Feel the ease and confidence that comes with making steady progress towards your goal every day
  • Trust yourself + know that you’re going to follow through and do what you say you’re going to do
  • Build your bravery muscle by doing uncomfortable things + see amazing results

Are you ready?

Get started + get closer to what you want today

What types of goals are a good fit for GWYWC?


Find a new job, change careers, launch a product, start a side hustle

Creative goals

Finish that scrap book, plan a big trip, find a literary agent, decorate the guest room


Lower your cholesterol, bench press x pounds, run a faster mile, sleep 8 hours a night

Educational goals

Learn a language, take a specific test, get accepted into that acedemic program

Get What You Want Club Testimonials

Where was all this resistance hiding?!

"Going over the workbook was so powerful. I'm surprised how much craaaaaaap came up for me over my goals. Where was all this resistance hiding??! Pretty sure it was behind "I'll do it tomorrow" and "Yeah, sure, but..."

Happily, I've already checked off 3 of my 20 Uncomfortable Things, and I'm almost done with step one. Yay!! Thanks again for a great course!"

Kate R.

I submitted my work to a writing contest + had a tough conversation with my boss!

"I took Get What You Want Club to help with my writing goal and now I'm 25% done with my novel!

I've studied goal-setting before and I was worried it would all be stuff I'd already heard but Sarah was the first person to talk about doing uncomfortable things and tracking efforts, not outcomes. Since taking this workshop I've entered my work into a writing contest and had a tough, frank conversation with my boss!"

Brittany G.

I booked 3 new clients!

"I wasn't going to send out another email newsletter to clients because we all hate spam and do they really need to hear from me every single month? But I decided to get uncomfortable (like Sarah taught me) and I booked three jobs because of that email!

Since then, I always take a breath and just go for it, and I'm always glad I did it. Sarah is so fantastic with her great ideas and her motivation — take any and all courses this woman has to offer." 

Leslie Plesser - Shuttersmack Photography

Are you ready?

Let's go after what you want, starting today!