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5 Reasons Your Good Habits Don't Stick 

Learn the 5 nobody-wants-to-talk-about-'em secrets behind why your good habits don't stick + your bad habits keep coming back.

With Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes

Stop messing around + giving up on your goals!

"Where has this information been my whole life?!!" – Amy C.  

"This is the exact mix of reassurance, science, and real talk I didn't know I needed." – Chris J.  

In this free workshop, you'll learn:

  • The mistake most people make when it comes to goals vs habits
  • The secret of how long it take to change a habit (it's not what you've heard) 
  • How to talk your way to habit change (and get support + accountability) 
  • Why you need a 'bookmark' habit + how to create one
  • The insights I'm sharing are backed by psychology, neuroscience, and good ol' fashioned life experience. This isn't more of that "Make a list and do it for 21 days!" nonsense.

This year, you're going to keep those good habits for longer than a few weeks!